Here it is March 1st (is anybody else out there happy February is over?) and I still haven't finished posting about my visit to Scott's last month. First up, the incredibly gorgeous work of Atlanta furniture designer Kevin Scanlon (kpscanlon (at), 312.287.9828). The finish of this wood is unbelievable - feels as smooth as marble to the hand.

Classic X motif tables with just the right amount of industrial edge.
A restored deed cabinet repurposed for wine bottles. This was a stunning piece that sold quickly.
A metal bookcase with a beautiful patina.
Also loved this marble topped console with the X base. Again, the perfect balance of classic elements with an urban, industrial feel.

Here's one of the more beautifully staged booths at Scott's and it was full of unique, special pieces. Pam Haskins and Mary Meyerhoffer have an antique store, Tuesdays on the Boulevard in Yorktown, VA (757. 898. 1898), and couldn't have been nicer to chat with.
Here's a beautiful screen that they mentioned was most likely from the 1920's.
One of my favorite pieces from the show - adore this color blue paired with black.
Always a great find when unique, vintage chairs come in a set of 6.
One of my favorite booths was bookseller Sonny Ideker's collection of antiquarian and rare leather and vellum bound books. Surrounded by all these books I felt temporarily removed from all the goings-on at Scott's.
Looking at all these gorgeous bindings makes me think sometimes it's more than ok just to buy a book because it's pretty. (Sonny Ideker, rekedi (at), 770.853.3311)

Last up, the the pressed ferns of Dawna E. Layman (majolicalady (at), 770.401.9011) I immediately thought of Lauren of Pure Style when I saw these.

Other fun at Scott's: