So, what does $20 get you these days? Or more to the point, what did I get for $20? For starters, this 3x5 wool rug at an estate sale . . .
I love it! It takes the place of a rather chewed-up rug my puppy got to. It adds a great vivid punch to my otherwise rather black and white entry and pulls in the blue of the adjacent dining room. I think it's a Gabbeh tribal-style rug from India (from my extensive eBay research), and the lady who sold it to me said she bought it from ABC Carpet & Home in NYC. I think I got a deal!

My next $20 purchase, a pillow for my sofa . . . 
Well, I actually went back and bought another one after I decided I liked it, so technically I spent $40 on two pillows . . . but I still think that's pretty good.

My home is not styled at all in this photo so there is crap on the table and in the kitchen. I'm keeping it real, people.
Here they are on my sofa. I've been needing a punch of color on my sofa for a LONG time but kept changing my mind about the fabrics I wanted for throw pillows. Now, these World Market pillows are not the best quality of course (rather thin cotton) and the inserts were pretty pitiful, but I changed them out for down inserts and I think it makes a world of difference. Of course, I don't think they match my rug at all, but for now I'm going on the delusion theory that all colors match. And yes, I know those columns in the background (that have to be there structurally so the house doesn't crash down) need to be painted. Once again, I was crippled by indecision for the longest time . . . that's a whole other post . . . but now I've decided to paint them to match the rest of the white trim in the house.

I'm loving my little $20 pops of color. Have you made any little changes lately that make you happy?

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