Ooh, doesn't that sound sexy? I came up with all kinds of titles that sounded much more suggestive, so I thought I would keep it simple and fairly clean. Bedrooms have been on my mind a lot lately mainly because I finally got an upholstered headboard. Whoot-whoot. Very exciting. Here it is . . .
It's the Scroll Headboard from West Elm. I got it on a whim as an anniversary present last month because A. it was cheap/on sale, and B. I've been wanting an upholstered headboard for SO very long. West Elm will not be selling these in stores anymore - only online - so they were selling off the last of their inventory of the "in-stock" natural chunky basketweave fabric, which luckily I liked.  I got it for a steal - $200 because it didn't have hardware with it (it would've been closer to $250 with it). The headboard sells online for $549 plus shipping. Score. Now, I realize if I were crafty and bought plywood, batting, fabric, etc. and made my own headboard it might have been cheaper, but it also wouldn't have ever been finished due to personal bodily injury or general aggravation. This was totally worth it for me and my instant gratification needing self.

I actually paid for the headboard by selling my old sleigh bed on Craigslist. Here's the old bed:
I know it's an acceptable bed, but after eight years I wasn't wild about it. Time to move on.

I think my new headboard resembles this one featured in a Kay Douglass-designed home in the September issue of Veranda . . . although this one is custom.

I recently picked up a Batik fabric at an estate sale (that I think might have been a tablecloth), so I draped it across the end of the bed for a little Bohemian vibe . . .
I, of course, need to pick some bedding. I still have the Hotel bedding from Restoration Hardware featured in the photo of my old bed, but I stripped it off for this photo (that's just a plain down comforter on the bed and plain pillow forms). I bought the gray linen "M" pillowcases at an estate sale for $8 for the pair. I'll also need a bedskirt/dust ruffle since I no longer have a bed with a frame (just a metal bed frame attached to the headboard). I imported the benches from the living room because I love a bed with a bench/benches at the end. If I decide to keep them here, I will need to also decide on a fabric to reupholster them in. More decisions! I also need to decide what to do behind the bed. Since the headboard is rather large and dramatic, I'm not sure how much is needed. Oh, and I need curtains.

West Elm styled the bed with a gallery wall behind it. 
I like the look, so that's a definite idea.

Here are some of my inspiration bedrooms . . . 
Source: flickr.com via Kathy on Pinterest

I love the play of patterns and textures in this space, and of course, the Chinoiserie bench with suzani fabric. I also like the small white sunburst mirror above which resembles the gold-leafed one I have. I'm not sure a sunburst will work with the shape of my headboard or not. I still have to play around with it.
Source: flickr.com via Kathy on Pinterest

A lot going on, but I like it. Another gallery wall AND a sunburst, plus wallpaper, plus a lot of pattern. Crazy but it works.

I just love the next two rooms even though they bear no real resemblance to mine. It's the overall feel that appeals to me.
Source: flickr.com via Kathy on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Kathy on Pinterest

Now, I'm definitely not changing the color of my walls as I love my Ashley Gray (Benjamin Moore). It's hard to tell from my photos because I took them in late afternoon, but there is more of a contrast between the wall and headboard than it seems. And I'm actually digging the neutral palette for the bedroom with just some pops of color.

After I saw this photo from Lonny, I had another crazy thought . . .

How about this?
Yeah, I don't think my husband would go for it. I've got some other ideas up my sleeve, but I need to slow down and process what's on my plate right now.

So, do you think I'm headed in the right direction?