Okay, so many of you were rooting for me to get the black lacquer and brass credenza and dying to know if I bought it. Well . . .
I did! Here it is in my messy garage (sorry, the garage is always on the bottom of my list of things to clean). While it is not in pristine condition (it has a tiny chip and some scrapes), overall I think it just needs a good cleaning. Once again, what sold me . . .
These brass handles. And it is indeed Mastercraft. Here's the label on the back . . .
It actually has a slimmer profile than I originally thought which I also really like.
It's sitting in my garage because as I alluded to in my last post, it literally won't fit in my basement room until I move some stuff out. My husband likes it, so I may actually be keeping it. However, I would be willing to sell it for the right price (any 1st Dibs dealers are welcome to contact me for a price). I must tell you, it's probably a miracle it's as in good shape as it is. The shop I bought it from had it stacked under a bunch of frames, mirrors and junk when I returned, and watching them trying to get it out of the shop reminded me of an episode of hoarders . . . things were falling off shelves as they shoved it through a small doorway. Really, I wish I had taken photos but I thought that might be rude.

In other Mid-Century Modern news, I acquired this little beauty from Craigslist . . .
I have been wanting one of these Milo Baughman-style club chairs forever. I wish I had found a pair, but one will work nicely in the corner of my living room. Yes, it's in desperate need of recovering, and my husband has advised me to find a fabric ASAP because he can't look at this orange, yellow and green pattern for very long. 

Here it is from another angle.
I would go with a velvet fabric, but I have chocolate brown velvet slipper chairs in another part of the room. So, I was thinking maybe a linen or linen/cotton blend in a solid color or small-scale print. Anything too busy or too large would detract from the clean lines of the chair. Any thoughts? The other large furniture pieces in the room (sofa and slipper chairs) are very neutral so this might be the perfect opportunity to inject some color/personality.

And in more acquisition news, I hit up Target today to check out their new Missoni line. Did you go? I bought four Missoni items - two things for me and two for my daughter.
I got these Zigzag ballet flats. They're pretty cute and thought they could jazz up a simple winter outfit.
This gold zigzag sweater. The zigzags weren't so in your face and I liked how it was shot through with lurex threads. A little shine never hurts.
This little zigzag sweater mini-skirt for my daughter. 10 to 1, she'll hate it and want it returned.
And these cute rain boots for her. I almost got a pair for myself but decided to pass.
I didn't end up buying any of the Missoni home decor items (shocking, I know), but realized none of the pieces would've jibed with my aesthetic. Bummer. The Target I went to was very picked over by 8:40 a.m. I ran into ModFruGal while wandering around. She always has such great taste and had nabbed some goodies in her cart. When I tried to look online earlier, the Target site put me on a waitlist of sorts to get on the site because of all the traffic. When I did get on a lot of the stuff was already out of stock. Crazy.

I sound like a spendthrift, don't I? I think the wallet is going to be on serious lockdown for a while. Have you made any exciting purchases lately?

Source: Target