Have you checked out the new Lonny? I must admit it wasn't my all-time favorite issue, but it did contain an article featuring one of my favorite interior designers - Celerie Kemble. I'm not sure what it is about her style that I love - usually it's pretty much everything. She's not afraid of color and texture and taking a risk here and there. Here are some shots from the apartment featured in the newest Lonny:

Now, granted this is not the most saturated or colorful room she's ever designed, but I still love it. She's definitely going with the black and white and neutral thing a bit more lately. And here's the bedroom . . .

I think this look is very much in keeping with her new book which just came out November 1st. Have you picked it up yet? It's on my Christmas list for sure. And the title? You guessed it . . .
Does anyone else see the similarities here? Is the apartment in Lonny the same one in the book just re-painted and re-styled? Or did the same people just move somewhere else and this is their furniture re-arranged? It doesn't really matter, but it's sort of like playing a fun little design game of Eye Spy. Just goes to show different furniture pieces can work in different rooms with different accessories. I love it. I'll have to actually get the book to investigate further.

And why do I say in the title that Celerie "gets" me? Of course, it's her use of dolphin tables in her designs.
Celerie's dolphin looks a bit more menacing than mine with the teeth and all.

Here's my dolphin table when it resided in our antique booth.
I'm happy to report that my dolphin table will be coming back home soon from its temporary stay at my husband's office (where I know the ladies who work there will be so glad to see it go). Look, I know the dolphin table is not for everyone and doesn't suit everyone's taste, but that's exactly what I love about it. Isn't that what makes the world go round? Anyway, I like that Celerie enjoys a little bit of the funky stuff too. Is there something that you love that raises eyebrows among your friends and family?