Oops, I meant to say, "have a Happy Thanksgiving" but I've had malachite on the brain (and on my hands) for the past couple of days. Unfortunately, I don't have any great recipes to share, and we're cheating by eating out for Thanksgiving with my in-laws so I don't have any great table settings to share. So, I thought I might as well celebrate the holiday by sharing my latest little project. Behold, the faux malachite box . . .
Sorry about the poor lighting. I just finished it tonight so I broke the cardinal rule and took a photo at night. Here's how it looked earlier in the day when I took a photo with my iPhone:
I darkened the color a little after this, added a gold detail around the edge of the lid, and affixed a gold-painted rock on the front as a little handle.

I really like it and think it adds a little something to my coffee table. Also, my remote control fits nicely in there. I'm sorry I didn't photograph the process very well, but I basically just bought one of those little hinged balsa wood boxes from Michael's then followed the faux malachite directions from Gorgeous Shiny Things. I had to improvise on the paint colors a bit as I used what I had or what I could find at Home Depot, but otherwise, pretty much did what she did.

I am so thankful for all my friends and family this Thanksgiving, but also for all my blog friends and readers out there. You really make it all worthwhile. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!