One of the outings my children and I took over the holiday weekend was to our local Barnes & Noble (about the only brick and mortar bookstore left in Nashville, seriously). They each got to pick out a book and mama got to pick out a foreign design magazine - my favorite part of hitting the bookstore. What me, buy an actual book? No, I must feed my design obsession. So, this time I picked out Elle Decoration, UK edition.  One of the homes that spoke to me the most was the moody and mysterious home of cult jewelry designer Caledonio Lohidoy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Behold:
Yummy velvet.
The floors, my God, the floors!
Okay, a carved dragon sculpture might even be a bit much for me (and that's saying a lot), but you gotta admit it's unique.
Might need to use this trick in my house.    
Compared to the other rooms, this room seemed almost monastic in its simplicity. But I doubt monks have much abstract art on their walls. 

When we arrived home, what should I find in my mailbox but the American version of Elle Decor. What a treat. I'm sure a lot of you have already seen some of the eye candy in this issue. Ashley Stark's amazing apartment has already made the rounds in the blogosphere. But for some reason, I was really drawn to another South American lair . . . that of Brazilian editor Fabrizio Rollo. I just loved all the layers, colors and textures.

Yes, there is a lot going on here, and yes, it's a bit cluttered for my taste, but I was still bowled over by it. 

Have you seen any interiors lately that have wowed you?

Sources: Elle Decoration UK Edition and Elle Decor (American)