Antelope carpet has been all over blogs and the internet for a few years now, and some have labeled it as trendy. However, when does something rise above just being popular or having trendy status to that of being a classic? We often refer to other exotic animal prints such as leopard, zebra and tiger as classic, why not antelope too?

Personally, I love it. Of course, there's the Stark Antelope that everyone is familiar with (featured in the photos above), but there are other options out there at different price points as well. Karastan actually has an antelope pattern (which the Karastan rep at High Point Market had no clue about, I might add), which has got a lot more taupe in it I believe.
Karastan's antelope.
Couristan has its own version . . .
Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

which looks a lot like the Stark version, I think.

Then, there's a company called Glen Eden which has its own version of Antelope as well.
Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

This photo above is from Glen Eden's site. After doing some more digging, it looks like the antelope carpet in Sally Wheat's home may be from Glen Eden too (this is what was divulged in Cote de Texas' lengthy comment section) . . .

Pretty snazzy, huh? I have not seen any of these in person, just going by what I've seen online. But I think there might be some more affordable antelope options than Stark out there. That gives a girl hope. I won't be buying any new rugs or carpets anytime soon with a new puppy in the house, but when the time comes these would be some great options.

What do you think? Could the antelope play in your house?