Today you can find me over at Sadie + Stella where the ever-stylish Lindsay has asked me to share my favorite room with her readers (you can probably guess which one it is, and probably wish I would shut up about it). If you've never stopped by S+S, you're in for a treat. Lindsay is so cute and always blogs about the coolest stuff! So, go check out her blog and see some more little tidbits about the room I may not have shared before. In other news, our floors are done and some major painting is going on around here. Oh, and we're getting our new French doors today (hallelujah!). So, as you can imagine, it's a little chaotic and not really photo-worthy but here's a sneak peek of our floors . . .
Yay, no more orange floors! Just a nice warm brown. Ahh.
Oh, and here's another little glimpse of something that got painted. Can you spot the new detail?
I promise better reveal photos will be coming soon. Happy Thursday!