First I should mention that I bought these intaglios from PlasterCraft 2++ years ago for $32. The stumbling block was trying to figure out how to frame them inexpensively (which was the original point) considering their thickness requires enough clearance. Then early this summer a neighbor who had sold his home put this frame out for the trash.
What immediately caught my eye was that the deep inset mat - perfect for accommodating an intaglio.
For the background I covered the board with a leftover ice blue Barbara Barry fabric that has a nice sheen and texture to it. To add a bit of depth, I painted the sides of the intaglios black. I prefer the ones I painted with both gold and black but those didn't work as well w/the silver inset of my free frame.

The final frame. I find both these photographs a bit disappointing as I think it looks so much better in person and it's not hung quite as high as it looks above the bar cart.

The bar cart in the room (former dining room which now has the new stairs to the lower level) that connects the living room to the family room and the kitchen off to the right.
I still have about 30 intaglios left - and a plan to convert the 6 blackboards I bought for $9 each into future frames with the traditional matting where just one or two intaglios are featured. Hopefully that won't take another 2+ years!