5 years ago on New Year's Eve I started this blog, hard to believe that much time has passed!  This picture of our bar cart in the family room was one of the first pics from my house that I showed.  Of course, none of this is here now.  As all design aficianodos addicts know, things in your home are constantly changing.  Although this has me wondering where did I store those sconces and what would they look like sprayed matte gold?!  Anyway, I digress.

Friends who don't blog, or read blogs for that matter, don't seem to understand why I keep doing it. Doesn't it take alot of time and energy?  Yes, I say, almost as much as golfing, minus the club dues and green fees.  They nod politely as I explain about the personal connections blogging brings, both in-person and virtually.  They share a strained smile when you start talking excitedly about the design event you were invited to or the newest book just published you can't wait to get your hands on.

And all of that's ok because I know why I keep doing it.  It would take me more energy not to blog than to blog.   That's what hobbies and passions are about.  They're self-interested pursuits and this one, fortunately, brings with it connections with all kinds of wonderful people.

To all the fellow bloggers and designers I have met over the years, thank you.  I would attempt to list everyone here but I know I would leave someone off and would regret that.  You are all amazing, interesting, fun and kind people, thank you!  To all the people who read this blog and boost my ego with page views, thank you!  Your emails over the years have been absolutely wonderful.  I am ever grateful that you spend a bit of your valuable time here at My Notting Hill.
  Finally a huge thanks to my husband and children, Ryan and Julia, for not just your support but your encouragement of my blogging hobby.  In particular, I'm nominating Dan for a Blogger Husband of the Year Award!  Back in 2009 while enjoying New Orleans (love that cabbage necklace), he took time out to...go to visit Valorie Hart at Perch and take pictures for my blog!  xoWell, I had planned to do a retrospective of some of my favorite pics and events from the last five years but I'll have to save that for another time. It's a new year in 2013 and time to look forward!  Hope this finds you well and Happy New Year!   Michele xoxox