For 40+ years my Dad, my Uncle Don and their childhood friend Ray have been driving from NY, CT and RI to meet-up at one of the most beautiful racetracks, Saratoga, for an early round of golf and a day at the track.  How did these three kids from the triple-decker houses of Providence learn to golf?  By catching multiple buses to the country club where they caddied.  The affinity for horse gambling?  Natural inclination :)

It's always a one-day trip up early in the morning and back home late in the night.  There's routines and rituals - the same places for lunch (always take-out sandwiches) and dinner every year.  They still talk about "the year" when they went to their lunch spot only to find it had closed!  

Bob and Ray - If you knew them you'd agree that this picture  captures the essence of their 70+ year friendship, independent and connected.

The ritual now spans three generations.  This year's trip had a total of 11.  Here's two younger generations heading out with the coolers and gear for the day in tow.

While it's true that time marches on and things are always changing, some things do stay the same.  That's something Bob, Don and Ray know a little bit about.