Picking up from last week's post on the home, here's a glimpse at the gardens and landscaping of Twickenham.

I took this brick and stone "window" and the white stones creating a path as an invitation to peek.  Would you?

Formal layout with beautiful planters.

Wish I could trespassed have taken a closer look at that sculpture!

While there were occasional flowers, one thing I noticed was that the landscapes took full advantage of all kinds of green foliage to create interest.

Another peek - I prefer these two moody pics to the one that was eventually in focus.

Small notes of color.  Notice how the gate is set-back from the sidewalk to allow for plantings between.

Another smart set-back of pavers to create a more formal, dramatic entrance to the home.

More sweeping curves

Incredible gate!

A good o'l tree swing!

If you're ever in Rocket City (Huntsville) don't be fooled by it's modern focus on space and flight - be sure to head to Twickenham for a true treat of antebellum architecture!

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