I'm stuck - stuck on the magazine Nuevo Estilo and this dreamy seaside bedroom. As I think about why I love it so much here's what comes to mind: the relatively unadorned white walls, the white washed wicker chairs, the metal X-base table and the gray sheet. For some reason I love that gray sheet.

The view doesn't hurt. Either one - the paintings or the ocean.
Usually not a fan of vessel sinks, but I like this one off to one side on this large bureau. It appears this part of the bathroom is open to the room, off to an alcove on the side. Notice the full curtains at the entry to the walk-in closet - a clever way to repeat the treatment at the sliding glass doors (in the first pic.)

And then this - this is high end outdoor living. To see more of this sophisticated home - click here. Have a great weekend!!

All photos by Nuevo Estillo, I was unable to locate the photographer or designer's names.