Considering I live in the DC area, I'm not sure how it took me 2 years to check out And Beige, a very chic interiors store focusing on muted, natural tones with a surprise or two thrown in. Accent pieces are a stand-out here. I've seen a lot of hour glasses lately and I'm loving these.

The view out the front window; the store which opened in 2007 is located in the Adams Morgan section of DC. Love this artful arrangement of mirrors and the very curvy bureau below.

A nod to the Washington Monument - this inlaid obelisk would be a great souvenir for a design savvy DC tourist.
Not sure if this is wallpaper or a stencil, but love the subtle pattern on this wall.
Great "trayscape" - a good reminder to consider combining interesting objects in their own vignette. I really enjoyed my visit to And Beige. Whoever said beige was boring! - not.