Sunday 1:50 pm - Visit Domicidal Maniac. Oggle over his extremely tasteful and refined apartment and then move over to his Saturday post on Shop Talk. Heart skips multiple beats when I see THIS desk! I've been trolling Craigslist and consignment stores for months looking for something exactly like this. Here's Scott's comments: This desk is beautiful -the hardware, legs, leather top!!! With a little love this could make for a very smart work space! Oh, I whole heartedly agree.
Sunday 2:05 pm - Call Ruff & Ready (no website, 202.667.7833, 1908 14th St. NW DC) Talk to the owner, Bill. I must sound like a crazed nutcase as I'm explaining I just saw his desk on Domicidal Maniac and I've been wanting one like this forever and does he, I hope, still have it?? We go back and forth. I give a description. Bill's not sure. I say the magical words, "It's pictured on a gray pavement." Bill responds, "Yes, it's out on the sidewalk."
Sunday 2:20 pm - Back and forth, checking measurements with Bill and Al. Buy it over the phone. Bill tells me, "We can deliver it tonight if you'd like?"

Sunday 8:05 pm - A pick-up truck pulls up to my house. The desk is home! $257, including delivery, and I'm in upcycling heaven. Love the ridged brass panels that flank each side of all four corners. Love the hardware and the brass rims, the fluted legs, and the brass bottom-things! Can't wait till next weekend to start working on this.
I am indebted to Scott for his post. Love when blogs are not just fun to read but also extremely helfpul! Here are some more pics of Scott's stylish apartment. I don't think he could have styled this photo any better than here, with his color-coordinated dog peering over the couch.

Love the pairing of this chair w/the painted tub, marble floor and blue/gray tile.
And a huge thank you to to Stefan of Architect Design. He threw a blogger high tea where I met Scott of Domicidal Maniac and a number of other terrific DC bloggers. Each blogger received a very thoughtful treat - a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes.
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