One place I was very excited to visit in LA was Giannetti Home - the store and design studio for the talented Brooke Giannetti of Velvet & Linen.

Can I say that I was a bit awestruck - enough so that I came very close to almost not asking if Brooke was in. However, I did go ahead and introduce myself but then proceeded to forget to take any pictures!

Brooke was very gracious and a pleasure to meet.
C Magazine recently did a feature on their gorgeous Channel Islands home. It's both relaxed and refined and features a number of interesting vintage nautical pieces. Love this vignette of family crystal with this oil painting. Click here to see more pics. (photography by Lisa Romerein)

Along with meeting Brooke, I also came away with a great purchase - a very nice piece of faux coral.

Below is a pic of a display in the store from a better blogger who took pictures when she visited - Riviera View.

Woodson & Rummerfield's - the home furnishings store of designers Ron Woodson and Jamie Rumerfield was another great stop in LA. I thought the honeycomb molding was a very inventive way to display the range of wallpaper they offer. The upper right corner features paper from Florence Broadhurst.
The main room in the store is a visual feast for the eyes. Love this blue secretary. There are a number of different items in this room but there is vibrant order to it all. The framed wallpaper panels on either side of the fireplace reinforce the symmetry and the various elements of black anchor the room.
Isn't this painted ceiling perfect for this room!
Tom - thanks so much for letting me browse around and take photos.