I opened to page 16 of the terrific July issue of House Beautiful and wondered - have they made a mistake? They sought designer recommendations for accent wall colors and Alan Tanksley recommended Farrow & Ball's Pigeon 25. I've recently been immersed in F & B as I'm painting my kitchen floors and the magazine image didn't look like the F & B chip. It was so different I wondered if it was a mistake. However Tanksley's description of it as "this blue-gray has an undertone of taupe" corresponds with the F & B chip. So I don't think it's a mistake but rather a clue/confirmation of the advice not to choose a color based solely on how it looks in a magazine.

Interestingly enough though - look below and see how similar Farrow & Ball's Orangery 70 recommendation by John Loecke is to the magazine image. Leaves me wondering if some colors don't lend themselves to magazine printing...

UPDATE: I asked color expert Maria Killam of Colour Me Happy for her opinion. Here's some of her insights re: the Pigeon color pics- "The first one is a gray-green and the second one is a pinky beige (and they certainly are worlds apart!)." If you haven't visited her blog - definitely do - her color advice is so insightful and informative.