My self-contained loop street of 1950's houses is surrounded by a neighborhood rich with unique and interesting homes, many of which were solidly built in the 1920's - 40's. Here are just a few that I slow down for when I walk by them. Love the chippendale railing and bench in front of this painted brick home.
Off to the left is an incredibly huge tree in the front side yard of this home. It is truly a monumental tree - my camera is not capable of capturing it all. I'm a little worried though as I notice the lack of leaves at the top. This is the type of tree you truly mourn when it dies.

The other angle is the better one for taking a pic of this house but it was occupied by a landscaping crew - didn the know I was on assignment! Anyway, aren't the transom windows a nice feature? Check out the arbor in the front side yard with the bubbling jar fountain.

A beautiful, colorful border garden surrounding this Tudor.

I love the "story book" feel of this home. Cute cut-outs in the shutter and the double lamp posts on either side of the drive are nice features.

The stairwell window with the decorative balcony adds alot of interest to this home.

Stylish gate - makes me think of New England. I think the wire topiary is the perfect piece for the covered entry below.

A pretty gray home with a cheerful yellow door. My husband calls this a "gingerbread house" and I kind of agree with him. Hope you have a Happy Weekend!