I love a good flea market, don't you?
I'm not sure how "good" our local flea market really is, but it was a sunny day and I wanted to get out for some fresh air. Albeit cold air. So, I dragged the husband and two kids along with me. This is no small feat, believe me. There were plenty more appealing options for them to partake in (basketball game watching and play dates, to be exact), but I can be very persuasive especially when I promise fast food on the way and a $5 spending allowance for each child. Family togetherness and my favorite activity, shopping/bargain hunting . . . score!

So, what did I find? Not much but frostbitten fingers to be quite honest. I guess the cold weather (it got up to a balmy 46 degrees with a lot of wind) scared off some vendors. There were some cool things, but nothing that I needed or couldn't live with out. Darnit.

Here's some stuff I did find interesting enough to photograph:
I'm a little teapot (I think?) in a delicious turquoise/teal glaze. Even at $9, it wasn't tempting enough.

I didn't get the price on this little Chinese jar/vase, but I really don't need any more Asian stuff in my house right now. Trust me. If you don't believe me, I'm going to do a post on this very obsession issue soon.

I love the blue of this little table. Perfect for an entryway. Don't love the scalloped edge/skirt . . . would have preferred a clean line, but could overlook it. For $129, I thought it wasn't a bad deal. If you needed a little table. Nice shadow. Can you tell I'm not exactly a photography expert? Note the deer head next to the table. It freaked out my dear daughter.

I was drawn to these light fixtures. They're a little too industrial chic for me but I still appreciate their rustic awesomeness. When I get a loft these are definitely on my list.

Matt captured this image. I didn't even notice the gigantic "NOT." But it was in the same booth as the light fixtures. This guy makes some seriously cool stuff. Tables with nails and steel. Heavy metal. Once again, wouldn't work in my far too traditional home but I dig it.

Do you love the shape of this chair as much as I do? Needless to say, it would have to be reupholstered. But what fabric? The possibilities are mind-blowing. Possibly throw some nailheads around the edge, paint the legs. Now I'm bummed I didn't buy it. Of course, it had no price on it, and the owner of the booth was nowhere to be found. So, it was not to be. 

Now for some artistic Matt shots. If you don't know, my husband is a much better photographer than I am. His favorite subjects are usually under water, but today he turned his artistry on the flea market.
Who doesn't need a Kit Kat coffee mug? Or a Mt. Rushmore or Liberty Bell bottle?

Sweet old bike.

I think Bud's Pump 'n Diner got Matt's attention. Can't imagine why.


Ah, pretty colors.

Nice rack. I mean mannequin form. My husband is a guy . . . what else can I say?

Looks like a prison garbage can.

Off to get their much-deserved reward . . . $5 crystals!

Hope you had a great Saturday too!