I know it's a sin to covet. I was raised Catholic, I know my 10 Commandments. 

But, oh, how I covet my friend Becky's new (old) chair. It is so cool. I love its unique shape.
What makes it even harder? She found this chair today while we were shopping together. We had hit a local school's yard sale and had barely been there five minutes when she spotted this chair and decided she needed it. I agreed immediately. If she didn't get it, I would have. Other women there were eyeballing it, but Becky got it - fair and square - for $50! In the world of treasure-hunting, you've got to be fast and fierce. As the saying goes, you snooze, you lose.
Within seconds, I knew where I had seen this same style of chair before . . .
One of my favorite interior designers, Celerie Kemble, featured a pair of these chairs on the cover of her book To Your Taste. When I made this realization, I was even a little more jealous.

After the chair was safely in the car, we made our way to a fabric store to check out re-upholstery options. We found a great little suzani print with vibrant colors that I think will really make her chair pop. Here's the tiny swatch they gave her.
Once she gets it reupholstered, I'll be sure to share an after photo. I just know it will be fabulous.

So, what do you think? Are you as jealous of her find as I am? And I'm not usually the jealous type. I threatened to steal the chair, but I only live a few houses away so I feel sure she'd find it rather quickly.  I guess visiting it from time to time will have to suffice. Sigh.