Have you heard of Kayce Hughes?
Well, if you haven't, you should get to know her.

Now is the perfect time since the home she shares with her husband and SEVEN children is featured in the April issue of Country Living.

Kayce is the designer behind the adorable children's clothing line Pears and Bears and the simple and chic Kayce Hughes line for women. Her designs are fresh, vintage-inspired pieces that I absolutely love. And she lives and works in my neck of the woods . . . Nashville. 

So, imagine my surprise while perusing the magazine aisle at the grocery store to run across her home in the pages of this month's Country Living (I've started looking at this publication more and more since the demise of some of my favorites). I've actually been to her house, not in it exactly, but in the garage/basement where she used to hold her warehouse sales for Pears and Bears. My daughter had several P&B dresses growing up especially during her preschool years. 

 Love the chair. And the guitar. Oh, and the old radio and sewing machine. You get the point.

Her house does not disappoint. It is everything you might expect from someone who used to work at Ralph Lauren (and whose aunt is Lily Pulitzer, by the way) . . . very well-edited with great vintage touches and lots of personality. 

I think my parents have the same side table. I need to swipe it and paint it high-gloss green immediately.

Isn't this girls' room adorable? I'm sure Goldilocks wouldn't be able to choose between these three beds.

While her house is amazing, just look at her beautiful family. A husband, seven kids and two dogs. How does she do it? And she didn't even cheat by having multiples (like the Sixx Design clan . . . just kidding. I'm waiting to do a post on them once their reality show hits Bravo in April).

Having met her a couple of times at her clothing shows, I can honestly say, she's just as nice as she looks. Just like the girl next door . . . who has a successful career, beautiful home and great big family. 

Yes, I've got a bit of a style crush on her. Who are you crushing on lately?