Liberty of London for Target, that is. 

As I swooped into my local Target today to grab a SpotBot (some Bissell steam cleaner) in an attempt to eradicate some pet stains (yet another chapter in my pet saga), I had the happy surprise of seeing more Liberty designs throughout the store. Last week, during a severely abbreviated Target run I saw some home items (lampshades, pillows, trays, boxes) while practically running through the store, but not the clothes.

Overall, I thought the kids clothes were cuter (mainly because most of the women's were polyester), but I did manage to snag a bathing suit and a shirt/dress/tunic cover-up thing in the same print for myself.  
I think this would look great with a tank underneath, possibly belted over white skinny jeans.

And a smocked swing top for my daughter. I was afraid if I didn't get them they would "get gone" as my mother-in-law is so fond of saying. So I took action.
 Cute, huh?

I've loved Liberty prints ever since I spent a few weeks in England for a summer course during college. I remember stumbling into a store that carried Liberty fabric and just being amazed by the colors and patterns. That may or may not have been the same day our group saw Princess Diana in Harrod's. I kid you not. How is that for a celebrity sighting? She was stunning and it was surreal, but I digress.

Occasionally, I'll run across a Liberty print stateside . . . J. Crew springs to mind and a children's trunk show a few years back (although the name of the brand escapes me now). 

Founded in 1875, Liberty built its reputation with its iconic signature bold florals and exuberant prints. Even if they've diluted them a bit for Target, they're still great. 

Some other Liberty items I spied on the Target website:
Who wouldn't love to tool around town on one of these?

Love the colors on these peacock mugs. I might have to see if these are at my local store, as they're already out of stock online.

They had great smelling candles too, but I couldn't find a photo online of the pretty packaging. I might need to go back and get a couple as they could help out with the aforementioned pet smells. Ah, sweet Liberty.

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