There is so much to share from this home and the gardens that I plan to do it in installments. I think of this house like a wonderful confection - to be savored a bit at a time. At this welcoming back entry you are greeted by a pink heart enscribed with the word Love. The door is wonderfully framed by the shutters and the arch.
Umbrellas and hats to your right...
and croquet mallets and jump ropes to your left!
A kitchen counterscape of lovely things.
The gorgeous porcelain box holds tea.
A microwave and wall oven marries with the art on this wall.
I really fell for these beautiful seascapes by artist Radford Wine.
Collected treasures on a gorgeous wood desk.
The faux bois piece was the owned by the late Bill Blass.
More whimsy; a little modern blue chair sized just right for a grandchild.

The view from the upstairs to the main entry. Light and fresh even on what was a very overcast day. Notice the two croquet mallets here too.
A bookscape of pink and orange, arranged almost as a present. More to follow in the coming weeks from this original home.