Sorry it's taken me a while to post any photos of my new and improved downstairs paint job. It's been done for at least a couple of weeks now, but with the flood and the school year drawing to a close, I've been a little preoccupied. And although I think it looks great, the before and after photos are honestly just not that dramatic.

But, without further ado . . . 

Here's the BEFORE:

And, wait for it . . . the AFTER:

 Sorry I didn't get around to hanging up the emperor before snapping this shot.

SO much better, right? Okay, I won't feel hurt if you can't tell much of a difference from these photos. However, it is much lighter and brighter. I swear. And not so much the color of peanut butter anymore, but instead maybe a frothy latte.

You might be able to see more of a difference in the next set of photos:



Since this is a before and after post, I'll also share a semi-finished project. Remember this sunburst clock I found at the Flea Market?

Well, I've really been wanting a sunburst mirror lately. When I read that A Perfect Gray and Caitlin Creer had transformed sunburst clocks into mirrors, I was sold. The only problem? I can't figure out how to get the clock out. But, never fear, in APG's post she mentioned another blogger who simply silver-leafed the glass clock front. So, I thought it was worth a try.

Confession: I've never "leafed" anything in my entire life. But off I went to Michael's to search out the proper materials. First, I applied the adhesive and let it sit until it got tacky.

Then, I applied the silver leaf with a dry brush. Really very easy.
I think it looks decent. Although, I'd really like to get it fitted with a real mirror. At least this gives me an idea of what it could look like.

What do you think?