While scrolling through some blogs yesterday, I ran across this super cute tunic that Blueprint Bliss included on a post about Mother's Day gift ideas.

It's the Yellow Spade Tunic from PB & Jellie, and it's only $20!! In disbelief, I went to the website to check it out for myself, and there it was. After consulting my husband, I promptly ordered it for myself for Mother's Day. Nothing like buying your own gift (although to be fair he already bought me flowers and let me get the house painted).

PB & Jellie had several other reasonably priced adorable tunics to choose from including the Gigi Quatrefoil for a mere $35.
Seeing these reminded me of some other tunics I've coveted before. Don't you think they bear a striking resemblance to this?
The Classic Kurta in Jemina Verbena by Roberta Roller Rabbit for $70. True - they're not exactly the same, but for a $50 price difference, who cares? And I love me some Roberta Roller Rabbit fabric, but if you're going for the tunic look without breaking the bank, I'd go (in fact, I did go) with the PB & Jellie tunic.

Another popular style right now that I found for less is the boyfriend short.
This version is available for 50% right now (through Mother's Day) at New York & Co., making them just $14.97.

At J. Crew, their boyfriend shorts are also on sale but for $39.50 (albeit on a sexier looking better-styled model and with a few more color choices). But if you're looking for the same look especially in khaki or gray, the NY & Co. and J. Crew versions are very similar.

I'm off to get my hair cut and colored tomorrow after a slight flood-related delay earlier in the week. Can't wait. I hope everyone has a very happy and relaxing Mother's Day weekend!