With the historic flood that hit Nashville over the weekend, I never thought today would be a happy day, but I was wrong. For a couple of hours this morning, I got the opportunity to help someone in need. Someone I didn't even know. I couldn't do much in the short time I had - just helped haul out some soaked carpet. But it truly puts things in perspective. People's entire lives were sitting out on the curb. Makes you count your blessings.

Then when I got home, some mail arrived that made me smile . . .
This sweet little birthday card - complete with a candle necklace - from Anthropologie offering me 15% off any purchase in May (my birthday's at the end of the month). Isn't it cute?

And this skirt that I ordered from Sevier Skirts arrived too . . . 
just in time for me to wear to my son's pre-school Mother's Day Tea tomorrow!

Then, out of the blue, my husband came home with these . . .
just because he knows I love peonies and that they're blooming now. They are beautiful and smell wonderful. Thanks, honey!

I am very lucky indeed. 

Sidenote: If you are interested in spiffing up your (or your child's) wardrobe this spring and helping out Nashville at the same time, check out Kayce Hughes blog/store. She's donating 50% of all sales made over the next week to the American Red Cross for flood relief efforts in Nashville.