I just got cable/internet access back yesterday after what can only be described as a Biblical flood in Nashville over the weekend. No one had any clue this would happen. It's almost unbelievable. Sure, we all saw that "severe weather" with multiple thunderstorms was in the weekend forecast, but I don't think anyone could have predicted on Saturday when the torrential downpour started (and didn't stop for 48 hours) that people would die, lose their homes and have to be evacuated by boat on Sunday and Monday.

To add insult to injury, the national news has barely covered this major disaster. When I went to the Today show website to download a video of the devastation, on their main page they had the story listed as "Midwest Residents Cope With Flood Clean-Up." I've lived in Tennessee my whole life, and I'm pretty sure it's not in the Midwest. 

Here is a video from MSNBC showing some of what our city is living through:

Our house escaped any damage, but hundreds, possibly thousands of people in Middle Tennessee were not so lucky. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as Nashville and the surrounding towns try to recover from this disaster. If you would like to help, please text "Red Cross" to 90999 and $10 will go toward recovery efforts in our area. 

Thank you.

Source: MSNBC