Gold is back in a big way. Whether it's brass light fixtures or gilt-covered furniture or accessories, designers seem to be going for the gold lately.

And a little bit of glitz can go a long way. Just a hint of gold here and there can add life to a room.

Mid-century modern or traditional. Gold knows no bounds.

I think a lot of the gold fervor can be attributed to this lady:
Love her or hate her, Kelly Wearstler has certainly upped the shiny quotient of interiors. While some are confounded by her groovy 70's aesthetic, you could certainly never accuse her of being boring.

I've been getting into the gold rush too as evidenced by some of my more recent flea market and antique mall finds.
As well as some pieces I've had for a while:

And my latest acquisition . . .
this $10 light fixture from eBay. I bought it to replace the builder's special in the hallway behind it. I was going for something similar to the first photo above.

So, do you believe in the golden rule?