A Moroccan honeymoon, an encounter with a souk of Berbers and a dream back in 2005
led to the launch of D. Bryant Archie Textiles in 2008. The back story is as interesting as Bryant, whom I had a chance to meet last week at the DC Design Center's Hall of Fame Showhouse opening.

Nestor Santa-Cruz selected two of her throws to feature in his room. Bryant has designed a luxurious collection that is inspired by indigenous hands of the past – from American Indian to Persian and African artifacts.
Beautiful - I've had a chance to see these up close and the quality is impeccable.
Made in a rural region of Peru, the weaving of these throws and pillows helps support the livelihoods and hand weaving traditions of artisans. Her firm also works with partners who support their education and the education of their children. In addition, the process from sorting the fiber by hand to dying, weaving and cleaning of the final piece is environmentally friendly. This throw is one of my favorites - I love the combination of colors.

In addition to being creative and talented, Bryant is one of the nicest people you'll meet. Isn't it great when talent and friendliness combine! To see more of her textiles, go here. As with Nestor Santa-Cruz, I have a feeling her textiles are going to be very popular with designers.