I'm sure there are nice, normal people out there who don't want to re-do their homes constantly. Unfortunately for my family, I'm not one of them. My newest idea . . . I want to re-paint my dining room.
This is how it currently looks. Not bad. Well, now that I've got that Chinoiserie pagoda mirror (that I picked up from a local online auction for a song), I feel like I need more vivid walls for it to pop against. I know, crazy. 

My inspiration?
Ashley Putnam's dining room from Lonny.

And, I have these nice linen curtain panels I picked up at an estate sale for $20 for the pair. 
They're not hung correctly. I just threw one up to see what it looked like. My plan is to have put Greek key trim around the edges, like so . . . 
Except, I think in orange . . .
to contrast with the blue walls a little bit.

I even went to the Sherwin-Williams site and played around with their Color Visualizer . . . 
Okay, so I didn't do that great of a job, but it gives you a general idea. Just squint. And this isn't the exact color I was going for either. Something a little more saturated like the Benjamin Moore color above (Champion Cobalt). This is Sherwin Williams' Regatta.

So, am I crazy? Or at least crazy in a good way? Please tell me I'm not alone.