Luckily when I'm on business travel my day ends at 4 pm, giving me just enough time to fit in a design store or two before they close. This trip instead of going to my usual places, I visited 3 stores I'd never been to before. First up was a visit to Anthony|Wolfe in Buckhead. Love the wide fabric stripe on these upholstered chairs and the pairing of this warm, deep yellow with the earthy gray.
No, this is not an amazing giant door knocker but actually a disability grip bar! I wish I had taken a picture of the whole door because that would have given a better sense of how amazing this looked.

Great light fixture
At Scout For The Home I really admired the curvy shape and narrow depth of these bedside tables. Isn't the finish nice too?
These paintings are by a local artist who uses coffee to create her works.

Edison style bulbs paired with an iron and wood chandelier.

In my last post w/the picture of the amazing periwinkle nunnery doors, I mentioned Sherry of Design Indulgence gave me a heads up about Redefined in West Midtown, which is perfect as it's right on the way to the airport. The finish and look of this black screen is very classic.

Like many bookstores that feature "picks" from their staff, Redefined does the same with home decor. This great wood piece was a favorite of Tracy's.
Love this Derby winner but what really drew me in was scale and dimensions of this narrow console table.

I'll be back in Atlanta in August and should be able to spend a few hours at Scott's before flying home. Looking forward to that.