Over the weekend, I managed to hit up a few of the estate sales I mentioned in my last post. Unfortunately, none of the featured items made it home with me (not that they were supposed to; you must understand when I find these things I'm often just pointing out pretty stuff not necessarily stuff I need).

Here's what I did bring home . . .
some brass accessories for the booth (or possibly Etsy - just another option I'm considering). These were from the same sale as this sofa . . .
which was in really good shape, actually. It was still there on the second day (which is when I went), so it was half price. Not a bad deal, and I'm still considering it for my basement (if I ever get around to renovating it into the space of my dreams). It might still be available. Hmm.

I also picked up these lovelies at TJ Maxx (it was around the corner from one of the estate sales, how could I resist?) . . .
The cutest beach bag . . .
and this hat and metallic linen espadrille wedges. Can you guess where I'm going soon? I just started reading the book on Thursday and love it!

Regarding the other items I saw at the estate sales, here are some updates:
This desk . . .
was priced at $1,200!! Yes, you read that right. And it was even more gorgeous in person. The sticker on the table read: "T. Frist" (all the items from this sale were from 8 different families/estates). Which I'm assuming meant Thomas Frist. For those of you not from Nashville/Tennessee, the Frists are, ahem, extremely wealthy. So, I think the desk was a little out of my tax bracket.

The next four items were actually part of an auction, not a traditional estate sale, and unfortunately, I had my daughter with me and my mother and son waiting at home for us, so we couldn't really sit through a 3+ hour auction. Bummer. One day, I would love to hit an auction and bid . . . ah, the thrill and emotion (I could conceivably get carried away though).
The marble top was not as pretty in person, but the drawers were beautiful. Overall, it was stunning, though.
Couldn't even find this, and the auction people were assisting others. Oh well.
This was up on a high shelf so I couldn't even get a good look or sit on it.
And this vase was tiny in person. So disappointing!
The other items were from a sale I couldn't make it to. So, not a total bust, but nothing earth-shattering. Oh well. I still love the thrill of the hunt. Have you found any great treasures lately?