My newest obsession (like I need another one)? Steel doors. Specifically French doors.
Why, might you ask, am I newly obsessed with steel doors? Well, because we need new French doors (ours are not functioning properly and have damage from leaks), and I, of course, pick what I'm sure are the most expensive and unattainable kind out there. But it's fun to dream, isn't it? Just look how pretty . . . 
Same doors, just from the outside. 

Source: None via Kathy on Pinterest

Ah, so lovely.

So, what do you think? Anyone have any leads on these types of doors? Our contractor/Mr. Fix-it is checking into it with some of his people. Another option would be just to get some regular French doors and paint them black for the same look. I'm sure steel doors would have to be a custom-ordered thing that would probably cost about a bajillion dollars, but they're oh so pretty. Sigh.

And totally off the subject (sorry this is how my brain works), but last night while watching the last episode of Million Dollar Decorators it finally occurred to me who Jeffrey Alan Marks reminds me of . . .
Will Ferrell when he's playing an enthusiastic idiot, like the clueless but lovable Buddy in Elf . . .
The only difference is poor Jeffrey's not playing a part.