Not feet, defeat. As in I hit two estate sales on Friday after previewing the goods online, and there were only two things I was interested in and both were gone. Foiled. Defeated. Sort of like JAM and Ross from Million Dollar Decorators when they thought they had missed out on this foot table. Unlike their story which had a happy ending (if you call buying a table roughly the size of a garden seat to function as a coffee table a happy ending*), mine did not. Without further ado, here are my misses.

First estate sale . . . here's the photo that caught my eye:
What? I know what you're thinking. I've clearly lost my mind. What could possibly intrigue me in this circa-1970 bedroom? Wait, look again. 
I have a thing for sculptural brass lamps, what can I say? Well, someone else in the Nashville area does too because only an hour into the sale this baby was gone. 

Next up, this little bench at another estate sale.
I thought with some new upholstery it could be a show-stopper. Once again, I missed out. Bad timing. 

Oh well, life goes on. I thought I would lick my wounds and head to a local fabric store to find a particular fabric for my bedroom.  It's called Marrakesh in Graphite. 
I've seen it online and around the blogosphere for a while now and think it would look nice as a bedskirt. I was hoping to find it locally so I didn't have to order a swatch online - you know, pay for the swatch, shipping and wait on it. So, what did the store have?
Marrakesh . . . but in Cobblestone. Aggh! I thought the third time might be the charm, but it turns out it was the third strike. I decided to hang it up after that. It just wasn't happening. Have you ever been thwarted at every turn?

Don't forget . . . there's still time to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway. It ends tomorrow night (Sunday) at 9 p.m., CST. The winner will be announced Monday!

*If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can watch the video here. It's not that exciting, trust me.