I've been a little under the weather this week . . . think our whole family has a low-grade virus. Anyway, I just wanted to check in and share a great X bench makeover I ran across recently in the blog world. I "blog-met" sweet Hilary from Mrs. Dow-Ward's Neighborhood when she left a comment asking about some items in my antique booth. After further emailing, I realized she also works at Worlds Away and is the person responsible for their blog. So, of course she has fabulous taste! Without further ado, here is her X bench makeover . . .
First, she purchased this X bench from Target . . . I didn't even know they carried these. You can find them online for $79.99, plus free shipping. Not super cheap but compared to other X benches, not bad either. 

Then, she tried her hand at recovering it in a cotton canvas.
She felt it was just "okay" and might be lacking something. So, then she turned it over to the artisan at Worlds Away (a nice perk of working there) and voila . . . 
Doesn't it look fabulous?! I didn't get all the details but it looks like the base has been gold leafed (or painted with gold leaf paint, at least) and possibly rubbed for an aged finish. Not to be left out, the top got a sumptuous chocolate velvet makeover as well.  Yum.
Hilary now loves the way it fits in with the rest of her furniture and decor. Check out that chair, by the way. I would die for that. The stool definitely looks like something right out of Worlds Away and is somewhat similar to the St. Regis stool from Amy Howard:
You must check out Hilary's blog if you haven't . . . she's got really great style!