Can you guess what I'm dreaming of?

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have already figured it out.

Is it becoming clearer now?
Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

You guessed it, super sleuths, I'm loving black mantels lately.
Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

You see, my mantel is a little, well, lackluster. It's a builder-grade blah-fest. It needs a little sprucing up.
I know, it's sad, right? My plan has always been to paint that obnoxious built-in cabinet black, change the hardware to brass and put mirrors in the doors instead of glass. Now, I'm thinking of painting the mantel black AND the cabinet. Is that too much black in such proximity or will it tie it together better as I am hoping? And I know the styling on the mantel is pathetic. Does anybody have any good tips on how to accessorize around a big black television on the wall? Taking the TV down is simply not an option. These temple jars are just hanging out here till I find a better, more colorful option. I've tried different things over time but everything looks pretty lame. Exhibit A:

Plus, there's the vast expanse of wall above the TV because of our two-story room. I've thought about putting a huge piece of art above the TV like a blown-up print of this photograph my husband took in China . . . 
but then thought that might just look dumb (not the photo itself but putting it above the TV). Sigh. How I wish my room looked like this in proportion and with lovely built-in shelves like these.
I heart this room so much. Now, I realize this mantel is a dark marble and not painted black but it has the same general effect, right?
So, what do you think of black mantels? A nice focal point or a little too much? Any opinions on what I should do?