We had a busy weekend around here. First off, on Friday I hit a couple of estate sales. For the first one, I met up with Melissa who is always such fun. We didn't have much luck, but I did find some cool vintage salt and pepper shakers:
Aren't they cute? I love how you just slide out the little acrylic wells to fill up with your salt and pepper.
I'm hoping to avoid this issue that I had with my old shaker . . . 
After I left Melissa, on the way home I saw a sign for a second sale. Of course, I had to stop in. Glad I did because I found this shapely brass lamp. I have a hard time resisting a brass lamp, but I was also drawn to the unique shade.
The base has a few blemishes but overall is in great shape. Might just need some TLC. It just occurred to me that it almost looks like a brass bowling pin. Bowling alley chic - just what I'm going for.
And the shade is paper but has a metallic strie effect on it that drew me to it.

Later in the day, we headed to Memphis for the weekend to visit my family. We enjoyed nice family meals, a championship soccer game won by my nephew's undefeated team, and, of course, I slipped away to a couple of estate sales. Old habits die hard. I just can't help myself. It's a sickness really. And speaking of sick, check out these amazing Moroccan-style etageres I found . . . 
Okay, I hate to inform you, but I had to leave these in Memphis. At over 8 feet tall, they simply would not fit in my midsize SUV. I guess I could've strapped them on my luggage rack, but that would've been a disaster waiting to happen. I haven't given up on them though. I took the estate sale lady's information home with me, and one day they will be mine. Mark my words. I will make it happen. 

They look very similar if not identical (except for the color and shelves) to ones Naomi featured on her blog a while back that are still available on eBay:
Source: ebay.com via Kathy on Pinterest

And by far the most exciting news of the weekend, we hurried home yesterday to greet the newest member of our family. Meet Zoe . . .
Sleepy puppy. She is the softest, fluffiest, most adorable puppy ever! Now, we have two golden retrievers, Piper and Zoe. You know I love pairs. Balance has been achieved!