here tomorrow!
Yeah! I'm so excited, but a little scared. Apparently, the High Point Market is huge and can be overwhelming, but I think I'm up to the challenge. My friend Kristen is an interior designer and has been dying to go for ages. She asked me to tag along because she knows I'm obsessed with all things related to interior design. Also, it might be nice to scope out the furniture and products and educate myself on what's out there as I'm starting to decorate for some folks as well. Yes, it's true. I'm dipping my foot in the pool. The water feels nice. 

These folks will be there to sign their books . . .
You gotta love over the top Martyn. I just hope I can get him to sign a book and hear him say delicious or dahling at least once.

And, we can't forget Mary, Mary - though she may be contrary, you must admit she's got the glamor thing down. Wonder if she's bringing Nathan back with her? Wonder if we'll be staying in the same hotel??

So, has anyone been before? Any High Point tips? Still haven't packed. Not sure what to wear. Want to be comfortable but not look like a frump. I'm returning on Monday so I'll be back on Tuesday with some of the goodies. Wish me luck!