. . . there are plenty of things I would do, but for the purposes of this fantasy, I'll just stick with the "buy a white farmhouse dream." Specifically, this white farmhouse.
Rolling River Farm. It's currently on the market for a mere $6.25 million. Built in 1811, the farm has 23 acres and the house has over 10,000 square feet. The best part, it's 10 minutes from my current home so I could hit the same grocery store. Very important.
Isn't it pretty? Ever since my daughter started riding last year, I think how cool it would be to have horses. A lot of work, but this is a fantasy, remember? I would have help. Stable boys. Speaking of which, check out the barn/stables.
Oh, and for my son there's a basketball court above the barn. He's expressed an interest in playing (he's only 6 so he's never actually been on a basketball team), and he's tall for his age, so this will be perfect for him.
And back to the house, here are some interior shots . . . 
While it looks perfectly lovely and has great bones, since this is a fantasy, here are some inspiration pics for how I would transform it.
Source: ehomee.com via Kathy on Pinterest

Love this rustic paneling with the more modern sofa, brass lamp and, of course, a fiddle-leaf fig. The perfect family room.
Love the hit of green in the otherwise neutral salon. Like that? Salon? Yes, I would have one of those.

A dramatic, but welcoming great room.

Source: google.com via Kathy on Pinterest

A lovely light-filled dining/gathering spot.

Oh, and of course, I would have to have a warm and cozy library with some saturated tones to offset the lightness in the rest of the house.

Okay, now back to reality. I've got to pay some bills, do the dishes, and oh yeah, go buy a lottery ticket (gotta be in it to win it). Sigh. Hope you have a Happy Monday. What would your lottery dream house look like?

Sources: RealTracs, Pinterest