I know this time of year a lot of people are fixated on this type of tree . . .
My tannenbaum
so I thought it would be a good time to change things up and focus on this type of tree . . .

Fiddle-leaf fig trees are all over design magazines and blogs. I love them and have looked for them off and on in Nashville for quite some time without much success. I've actually found a couple at Home Depot, but they're always short versions . . . nothing like the lanky ones in the magazines. But then, I lucked out and found a garden center just five minutes from my house that sells them!
Ficus Lyrata aka the elusive fiddle-leaf fig.
The catch, the tall ones (like the one pictured above) are $125. The nursery gets even taller ones in sometimes, and the owner said those are $225 or so. Not the best news for a girl with a black thumb. Hmm. What to do? Here are more photos of fiddle-leaf figs for you to peruse while pondering my plight . . .
Source: ehomee.com via Kathy on Pinterest

Source: google.ca via Kathy on Pinterest

Maybe I'll reassess after I get that other big green tree out of my house (and also, see if I have any money left after Christmas). Is the fiddle-leaf fig on your wish list?