There are definitely some clues around our house that Christmas is coming. The other day, I hung my customary boxwood wreath.
I decided to go with a green ribbon this year instead of my usual red. Not sure why, I just liked it. I'm thinking of possibly sticking some white berries in the wreath for a little contrast as well. 
Of course, I still need to add some seasonal greenery and berries in my urns and a garland around the door to which I usually add white lights. All in due time, along with the tree which will be a Saturday project. 

Another sign the holidays are coming is the arrival of this little guy . . . 
Yes, it's the Elf on the Shelf, or in this case, the Elf in the paperwhites. His name is Elfie (my kids aren't that original with names). And while he may be the bane of my existence (as he, ahem, flies off to the North Pole every night and then shows up in a different spot EVERY morning), my kids love him. They were counting down the days to his arrival. How can you disappoint these sweet faces?
Elfie the rock star. The kids had to pose with him. They left him a cookie before school.
Elfie showed up in a dense fog and brought the frost with him.
Our frigid backyard this a.m.
In other totally unrelated news, today I bought this fabric . . . 
It was $8.99 a yard. Holla. It's going on these stools that I have had forever. 
I kept moving them around my house, and then changing my mind about fabric. Design ADD is real, people. They're now at the end of my bed awaiting their makeover (along with the rest of my house room).
Is anyone else sprucing up their spaces for the holidays?