I'm barely treading water over here. The holidays can be brutal but I'm trying to get it all done. My Christmas cards are just going out today, I've still got a couple of gifts to get and a few more to wrap, and my kids are out of school at noon today for the Winter Break. Yikes. As I mentioned, we hosted our supper club on Friday night so I did some speed decorating around here. I snapped a few photos this morning of our holiday decor . . .
These are my favorite new little decorations. I got this pack of three ornaments at TJ Maxx for $5. I just snipped the ornament string off and am using them as table decor.

They're sort of across between a star and sea urchin. Very Kelly Wearstler, I think.

Just threw a garland and some greenery and poinsettias up there with some candles and owls. Those are $1 stockings with glitter names for our pets that my children made. They're so proud.

Some people have a manger, I have a big yellow lamp. Kind of like a star, right?

Added some glitter and white pine cones and some sparkly deer to my usual dining room decor.

More greenery and another boxwood wreath to hold our Christmas cards. I love getting cards.

Breakfast area. Light and airy.

A little holiday on my coffee table.

A golden berry wreath and some more sparkly deer. My dining room is all "Silver and Gold" as Burl Ives sang.
My kids and I also hit this holiday tradition on Sunday, and it really got me in the spirit . . . 
Whatever holiday you're celebrating, I hope it is filled with wonderful and happy memories!

Check back later in the week for the reveal of my newly upholstered pieces . . .