My friends and I had so much fun in Atlanta! We laughed a LOT, talked non-stop and basically had a blast just driving around, shopping and eating. We each had a different goal for this trip (besides having fun). For Lauren, it was finding the perfect pair of black boots. For Jenny, it was having some drinks and fun on her wedding anniversary (which she spent with us - I know, romantic). For Arrione, it was knocking out her Christmas list for her family. And, for me, it was simply getting to peruse the coolness at Minty and the rest of the Antique Factory. We all were successful - quite a feat, I assure you.

We didn't make it to the Antique Factory until late in the day on Saturday (after a long stay at IKEA and some other stores), but I did snap some photos. First up, Minty! Yes, I was there. I saw it in person, and it is chocked full of goodness. I had a hard time getting photos in there though as the lighting was dodgy. Feast your eyes . . .
It's not this yellowy-green in person, I promise.  

All kinds of brass, glass and lucite beauties at Minty.
Some of Jenny's yummy abstract art.

And in some of the other booths . . . 
The burled wood on these tables was beautiful. $900 for the pair.
Faux bamboo chrome chairs (there were a pair). Very cool.
Lots of Chinoiserie goodness here.
A lucite bar/cart with a top that swiveled. Very cool.
More lucite. Yum.
Very Kelly Wearstler.
And outside . . .
Is this not the coolest mod faux bamboo iron bench you've ever seen? Love the shape!
I need this fun set on my patio. Too cute.

And of course, this is the front of the building which I snapped on the way out. I do everything backwards.
If you're in Atlanta, you should definitely hit the Antique Factory . . . it is so worth it!

Here we are at Jenny's anniversary dinner after our outing to the Antique Factory.
Jenny, me, Arrione and Lauren at the bar. Lauren said it looks like she's an outcast.
After a couple of martinis that night, we returned to the mall and Lauren finally found the elusive perfect pair of black boots . . . 
I took this photo in our packed car the next morning.
and poor Jenny broke her foot after falling in the parking lot of Lenox Mall. Can you believe that? What a crazy end to our trip. She just found out today that it is indeed broken, and she'll have to wear one of these lovely boots for six weeks . . .

Definitely a memorable trip! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I've got to decorate my house a little more for the holidays. We're hosting supper club on Friday. Oh, the pressure.