Meet my new and improved benches . . .
Don't they look great? I just love this fabric. Couldn't be happier with them.
Here's a reminder of what they looked like before . . .
Now that I've got the new benches at the end of the bed (I didn't take an overall photo with the new ones in place because honestly I had wrapping paper and crap all over my room), I'm looking for some new bedding possibly with some black in it. I'm usually a white bedding kind of girl, and while I still am, I thought I would investigate some other possibilities. So, below are are some inspirations for my room and possible bedding options.

First up, Mary McDonald. Now, I know this is not a bedroom nor does it bear much resemblance to my room at the moment but bear with me . . . 

These are the colors I either have in my room or want in my room. I just love her use of contrasts. So dramatic. Tone it down several notches, and that's what I'm going for. Mary has a dark taupey-gray on the walls as do I (although mine is lighter) with accents of white, black and yellow - also what I'm going for. I would love a bigger version of the small yellow bolsters she has on the black leather chairs across my bed. Add some Greek Key tape and voila.

Some other ideas . . .

I love this dark screen and the coziness of the rug and fur throw combo. I already have a small rug by my bed. And while I already have a headboard and thus don't need a screen, I ran across these Asian panels in my friend Jennifer's shop "tag."
There are four of them, so I could put two on either side of my bed behind my bedside tables/lamps. And look at the colors - black and gold with hints of yellow. Is it meant to be?

Or I could just put this wallpaper on the wall behind my bed. What a statement that would make.

Not sure my husband would be on board for that, but a girl can dream. Speaking of dreaming here are some more dreamy bedrooms . . .

More fur and black with orange instead of yellow, but you get the idea.

Obviously, totally different than my room but I was mainly interested in the bedding on this one. Although, you know I'd kill for floors like that. But I need to focus on what I've got.

Like the graphic black and white bedding.

And now some bedding options. While, of course, I would love to go the Leontine Linens/D. Porthault route with my bedding, I unfortunately don't have that kind of budget. So I perused some more pocketbook-friendly sites like West Elm and PB Teen (yes, I know I'm not a teen). Here's what I found . . .
Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Try to imagine this without big floral sheets. I think it would be nice folded at the end of the bed with a white coverlet/blanket on the bed and crisp white sheets. Maybe white Euro or king pillows with a black monogram and that yellow bolster pillow in front. Are you feeling me?

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

I really like this subtle striped edge duvet from West Elm (sans the big letter in the middle). This might look nice with one of the fur throws across the bottom. Some other options from West Elm . . .
Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

This paisley bedding, although it might be a little too bohemian? Or the basic white pintuck duvet, also from West Elm.
Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

This might be, dare I say, too romantic?

And just to leave you with another fabric to confuse you, I found this GP & J Baker velvet fretwork fabric on eBay and just loved it . . .
Isn't it pretty for a pillow or something?? Oh, and I need curtains, but I thought I would tackle the bedding first.
Whew, that was a long post. Sorry to be so long-winded. Any favorites in the bunch?