So, since my last post was about something other than tortoise shell sconces, I thought you might be having withdrawals. Thus, I've got good news for you . . . I found the tortoise shell sconce! Well, technically I didn't find it, it found me. Or rather, the lady who sold it at the flea market found me. Confused? Don't worry, I'll explain. But, first, without further ado (and so you know I'm not making the whole thing up), here is the actual gold faux tortoise shell sconce I didn't buy at the flea market last month . . .
See, isn't it cool? A very sweet woman named Anastasia was the seller of the tortoise shell and told me more about it/her. She's a recently retired lawyer in Nashville with three young children who has always loved interior design/antiques. It's her intention to have an antique booth somewhere someday, but none are available right now, so she and her friend rented a spot at the flea market. She bought this sconce last year at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta and had it in her home without any real intention of selling it, but decided to part with it after failing to find the right spot for it (I can relate). A friend of hers who is an interior designer came by the flea market that Friday after I did and said she wanted to buy it, so Anastasia pulled it aside for her. Soon thereafter, she saw my blog post, took pity on my crazy obsession and shared the back story. Oh, and just to give you an idea of the scale of the sconce, she shared a photo of her sweet 3-year-old holding it.
And, by the way, how cute does her house look? Thanks so much Anastasia for alleviating my curiosity about the tortoise shell sconce!

Also, thanks to everyone else who has given me ideas about where to find some tortoise shells to make my own sconces. I've checked out the West Elm ones and those are a definite possibility.