Lately, it seems, I've got eagles on the brain or more accurately in my house. The Federal style Syroco convex mirror was the first to make it home with me a few months ago (I grabbed it at the flea market for a song).

This is of course a classic style that has been around for decades, but I've really only been drawn to it recently. I think it adds a little interest to a quiet little spot near my entry and dining room. 
I know some people paint theirs to modernize them, but I think the warm gold finish is kind of nice so I'm leaving it as is.

Then, just over a week ago I snagged these eagle lamps at a junk store. 
Yes, they're a little unusual, but of course, that's why I liked them. Obviously the bases will need to be painted as they are very 70's (and not in a good way) and two different tones of blah brown, but I'm keeping the ceramic eagles their pristine white. At least I think I am.
I'm still on the fence about whether to paint out the whole lamp white and put black shades on them, or paint the bases black. Or there's always gold. Hmm. Still thinking on that one. I initially bought them to go on my son's dresser (the kids' school mascot is the Eagle, so I thought it was perfect). Um, not so much. He deemed them "creepy." So, now I'm thinking of putting them in the guest room. 

So, am I crazy? Or just patriotic? Or what?