Wow, two posts in two days. It's a miracle. I'm reaching out because I need your help. Or someone's help, preferably someone with a photographic memory when it comes to vintage fabrics. A little back story -  my husband seems to think the daybed that currently resides in my office is simply not working - too big, too clunky. (Since when did husbands get so opinionated about design??) But, in this case, he might have a point. However, the space still needs to accommodate a guest or two from time to time. His solution? A sleeper sofa. Well, what should happen to pop up on Craigslist but this lovely little sleeper loveseat? It has a very unique fabric on it which I really like . . . I think it looks expensive, familiar even. Without further ado, here it is . . .
And close-ups of the fabric:

Does anyone recognize this fabric? It's got a pagoda on it, people. You know how I love pagodas or anything even vaguely Chinoiserie-esque (I know that's not a word, but just go with it). Anyway, it would be going in the office I just painted black. Granted, it has no black in the fabric, but once again, anything goes with black, right? Just nod in the affirmative. Seriously though, any thoughts on this?

Oh, and not to confuse you but just to remind you, here is the current state of my office . . . it is painted black but basically has furniture and stuff crammed in it until I find a pleasing furniture arrangement and get my chandelier hung. Oh, and the credenzas are back from the painter. They look fabulous, but don't both fit in here (in the current arrangement), so I'm thinking one will be going in my daughter's bedroom at some point. 

So, there you have it. Keep the daybed or get the loveseat? And is that fabric nice or just eh? I can't get it out of my head for some reason. And, I do kind of like the idea of a quirky pattern thrown in with all the black and white. Might make it a bit cozier. You can see the chiavari chair I painted electric blue, the little Greek key metal tray I painted gold (duh, what else would I do?) and other little odds and ends like the Windsor Smith Riad fabric I snagged yesterday at Calico Corners' going-out-of-business sale (makes me sad when businesses don't make it). 

And while I've made the case for patterned sofas before, here's just a refresher of how they can make an ordinary space a little more special . . . 

So, discuss amongst yourselves, then leave a comment telling me how you feel. Oh, and don't forget to enter the Novica giveaway!