I ran across these chairs (there are four of them with a table I don't want/need) the other day on Craigslist.
Of course, I love the brass and Z shape, and I've thought about adding more modern elements in my home recently (I'm always thinking about something). I think they would be great in my somewhat traditional dining room or as office chairs or scattered about. What do you think? Are they cool or do they scream 80's?? They would need to be reupholstered because I'm not a fan of the button tufting. I think they would look amazing in a faux ostrich. Hmm. Some inspirations to help you see my vision of how some brass chairs could liven up my decor . . .

The point may be moot because the owner just responded to me this morning that someone is coming to look at them soon. So, it may not be in the cards. But, if they are still available later, should I pounce on them?

UPDATE: I apparently didn't pounce soon enough because the chairs are sold. Total bummer. But, I think that just means the perfect set of brass chairs is just out there somewhere waiting for me. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.