you lose some. Such is life. It's all a cycle. Thanks for all those who supported my chair quandary yesterday. As you probably saw from the "update" at the bottom of yesterday's post, the chairs were indeed sold. Sigh. I just take this as a sign that there are even better chairs out there somewhere just waiting for me. But never fear, the winning in the title (hope I don't sound too much like Charlie Sheen) refers to a gilt rope and tassel bench I scored this morning!
Yay! My obsession with rope/tassel furniture is well documented here so you know I was thrilled to find this vintage "Made in Italy" gilt rope and tassel bench. I'm thinking it will go in my new office (which I swear I'm working on along with other projects). Now, it has a terrible faux needlepoint/tapestry fabric on it . . .
He's whispering, "Do you think this fabric is as hideous as I do?"

But, that's an easy fix. It has the type of seat you can just unscrew from the bottom and staple gun on something new. Cannot wait to look for some fabric or maybe comb through my remnants and use something I already have. Either way . . . project! Another one. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll be hitting a local event called the Porter Flea that promotes the indie craft movement and supports artists, small businesses, and nonprofits across Nashville and beyond. I'm very excited to partake in the local flava and expect to see some really cool stuff, including a lot of hipsters I suspect.

I'll be back next week with some creative projects I've been working on including a DIY faux shagreen tray. Don't laugh . . . I can be crafty (sorta) too.